Hair Restructuring Services

There are many different hair types—coarse, thin, thick, smooth, curly, wavy, straight, relaxed, and kinky. There are even different levels of waves, curls, and kinks! And while everyone has different hair, many women would die to have a different type of hair. Those with straight hair wish they had natural waves that allowed for the messy but cute look. Those with ringlet curls wish their hair was smooth, straight, and easier to deal with.

Hair technology, treatments, and tools have advanced in recent years. Allowing you to get the hair you truly want, sometimes permanently. At Hair Salon Ann Arbor, we offer hair restructuring services that allow you to get the hair look you want! These treatments include a Brazilian keratin straightening, express keratin treatment, and permanent waves.

For more permanent treatments, you can try permanent waves, also commonly known as a perm. This treatment lasts an extended period of time, changing the look of your hair for at least six months.

Permanent Waves

A perm is perfect for those women who hate having straight hair and are sick of curling it every day. A perm can give your voluminous curls. This permanent wave treatment can transform your hair and allow you to enjoy bold and beautiful curls. Your new wavy hair will last for about six months, giving you gorgeous style day after day!

If you have never had a perm before, there are a few things you should consider before jumping into the curly hair world. First, you will have to deal with frizz and learn how to take care of curly hair. This means not washing it every day, using special products for curly hair, and learning the tips and tricks to keep your curls looking flawless.

Brazilian Keratin Straightening

This treatment, also known as a Brazilian blowout, gives you smooth, silky, and straight hair for two to four months. A blow-dry is required to get your hair straight and is not as permanent as other options.

If you are not happy with your hair type and want to try something new come to Hair Salon Ann Arbor. We offer expert services and can help you get the looks you want! Make an appointment today!

The Salon – It’s More than Just Hair

Whether you are a man or woman, more than likely you will visit a hair salon at some point in your life to get a new hair cut or new style. The salon actually has a storied past and has a different meaning today than it did just 100 years ago.

The history of the salon goes back to the writings of Horace. He defined it as a place where people gathered under one roof so to amuse each other with knowledge and discussion. Many times they were used for the recitation and explanation of poetry. They were well known in the 1600s and 1700s in French writings and were known to exist until quite recently in large urban centers. Many times the one in a person’s home was considered to be a place for the men to retreat to discuss things like religion and politics and other relevant issues of the day. The modern usage of the word, however, is quite different.

Today the hair studio is a place where people gather to get hair, nail and body treatments, and make conversation with their hosts, in this case, hair, nail, and body stylists. Some of these are considered day spas that may offer every beauty treatment available in a relaxing environment, while others specialize in one treatment, such as hair or nails alone.

Most often the day spa is considered to be a place where one can relax and alleviate some of the stresses of everyday life. Most of the time they are a peaceful atmosphere with waterfalls, fountains, soft music, dim lighting, and candles, as these are the things that are found to lead to a more relaxing environment. Treatments at a day spa often include Swedish massages, hot oil massages, deep tissue massages, and many other types of massages to soothe your aching muscles. Some offer hot tubs, warm pools, pregnancy massages, and couples massages so that the mom-to-be or the couple can enjoy a relaxing time together. Many full-service day spas also offer slimming wraps, facials, and foot care, while some are all-inclusive and offer nail, hair, and waxing treatments as well.

Unlike a day spa, a salon often only offers one or two services such as hair and nails or just hair or just nails. Most often your stylist has gone to a cosmetology school and has been trained in all the latest styles and can help you decide the look that is best for your hair and facial structure. They concentrate on hair cuts for all, permanents of all styles, hair coloring, and specialty hairstyles for a single event such as a wedding or graduation. Some specialty shops offer African hair braiding and hair extensions to offer you that special look.

So whether you are looking for an all-inclusive place that will offer special deals on packages that may include a massage and a hair cut or a place that offers just a simple hair cut, there is a salon that will whatever need that you may have.

Hair Salon Nightmares? Here’s How To Choose A Good One

Using a good hair salon is key to great hair care.  But how do you select the right hair salon from the many choices available?  This article guides you through the daunting process of finding the hair salon that suits your needs.

The number one thing that you can do to guarantee that you always receive the best hair cuts, latest professional techniques, and stellar service is to choose the right hair salon. Granted, that is easier said than done. With hair salons on practically every street corner, narrowing down your options to find the right hair salon can be confusing.

Getting a referral to a hair salon by family and friends could be a good way to begin your search. But do not stop there. As you may already know, no two hairstylists take the same artistic approach to their work. That means that a particular stylist or hair salon may do a fantastic job on your Cousin Suzie’s long layers and still not be quite able to pull off your short textured crop. That does not mean that your cousin’s hair salon is inferior in any way. It just means that you need to find a hair salon that is more suited to your particular style and needs.

The easiest way to find a hair salon suited to your needs is to ask people with hairstyles similar to what you want for a referral to their hair salon. These may be people you know or complete strangers that you see while you are out shopping. Do not be shy. If you see a cute style that you have been unsuccessfully trying to achieve, ask the person which hair salon they go to. You may never get a chance to do so again.

Another thing that you can do to make sure that you choose the right hair salon is to schedule a consultation. A consultation allows you to “feel out” a hair salon before making a commitment to a stylist that you may regret. During a consultation, you can observe the different techniques that the staff at the hair salon is using and how they interact with their customers. A consultation also gives you the chance to vocalize what you want and receive feedback from a professional, all before the first snip is made. Most hair salons also have a portfolio that you can look through before and after pictures, which can give you a sense of what kind of work do.

During your search for the right hair salon, there are some red flags that can be easily detected that can warn you of impending disaster if you choose a particular hair salon. Here are just a few:

” Dirt and grime. A clean hair salon is mandated by the state, but some salons still tend to push the envelope where cleanliness is concerned. Look for sanitary procedures such as the use of clean combs and brushes, sanitary neck strips and a clean work station. If a hair salon feels dirty, do not frequent it. Look at it this way, if the stylists of a particular salon do not take enough pride in their hair salon to keep it clean, why would they take pride in the work they put out the door?

” Professionalism. A hair salon is a professional place, and you should feel like you have stepped into a den of luxury not one more suited to the Saturday nightlife. Again, it’s all about pride. Professionals who take pride in their work will strive to create the right atmosphere for their customers.

” Communication. Communication is vital in a hair salon. Observe how stylists interact with their customers. That is how they will interact with you.

In the end, it may take a little trial and error to find the right hair salon, but you can make your search easier by following the above advice. Always keep in mind, though, that choosing the wrong hair salon is not a death sentence. Simply brush yourself off and keep looking.